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About Our Online Math Program

Math Ages 5 - 10

TeachMeWell.com was developed out of a desire to help my family and friends.

Each of my 3 children were involved in after-school activities, which meant rushing back and forth 6 days a week. Almost everyone in my circle of friends were in the same boat. Every child that we knew in our circle was average in school. As each child moved progressively into higher Grades, we all discovered they had increasingly more problems with math. It simply just got harder to keep up with the new material.

We discovered the root cause was a general weakness in the basics. Yes, they understood the basics, but they simply were slow in their mental calculations. We began to help them by reviewing the basics and then testing them over and over. We kept to the basics as it was taught when we grew up. Cartoon-like games that delivered more of a game than real learning were not used.

After a few weeks of hard work, measurable improvements were identified through our manual tracking. Our children knew answers to questions so much faster then ever before.

I formed TeachMeWell.com in July of 2003 and have had developers working ever since. I wanted a self-help system for children that not only helped them, but would also keep Parents aware, in real-time. Parents would have access to see how well (or how poorly) their children are performing in math - anywhere, and at anytime.

The goal was to provide the best value by continuing to develop more learning tools for all children.

You now have the ability & control to help your children get ahead faster - with tools that work! Register each child in your household and know that you are providing tools that will help them be better prepared for their future.

       -- President & CEO - TeachMeWell Inc.