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Free Math Assessment Online

Math Ages 5 - 10
Reception : Ages 5-6 : Final Evaluation Review

In order to achieve an Overall Grade of A+, you must answer at least 20 questions, and each question must be answered correctly.

You will be Graded on both Quantity (i.e. the number of questions answered) and Quality (i.e. how many correct) of your answers, based on our Grading System.

We suggest the use of a paper and pencil for the more difficult questions. Calculators are not permitted (it would defeat the purpose!).

When the test begins, simply type the answer and click 'Enter' to move onto the next question. Continue until there is no time remaining on the clock.

Results from this free Timed Test are not saved or logged. Paid subscribers have the added benefit of results being saved, so you have the ability to see that you're improving.

TIP: Focus on your answer & hitting the 'Enter' key,
not the clock.