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Math Ages 5 - 10

I have 2 children registered with your site. One is taking the year 1 mathematics lessons and the other is taking year 4 mathematics lessons. I find it wonderful that I can see what my children have completed, and when and how they have performed with the various tests. The tutorials are well done. Overall, I believe you provide excellent value for this service. I look forward to seeing more mathematics material added.
     Angela A. - London, UK

My son is in Grade 2, but I started him with the grade 1 problems because he was having lots of difficulty in school. He was averaging a C in the timed tests for Grade 1 Addition. After 1 week of practicing for only 15 minutes everyday, he is now easily able to get an A+. He completed the grade 1 program and is now doing Grade 2 problems and will soon move onto the Grade 3. Your system works. Thanks Teachmewell!
     Megan S. - Ottawa, Ontario

Great site for tutoring children in math! I home school my child and I personally love the tracking. It's like having a real-time report card on my child's progress.
     Susan R. - Washington, USA

I can totally connect. I've got 2 teenagers who are now struggling in Math. My youngest is age 5 and I've signed him up. He has his playtime but he knows he has to spend at least 30 minutes everyday on your site. The great thing is that I know exactly when and how much he is practicing. The Math lessons are organized nicely so he knows how to move around.
     Patrick T. - British Columbia, Canada

Having good mathematics skills is as simple as practicing. Just practice, practice & practice. You will become great in mathematics. This site is perfect just for this reason. It pushes you to perform, but at the child's own pace. The mathematics worksheets are an added bonus. Good Job!
     Elio R. - California, USA

Math has always been a weak point for me and unfortunately I must have passed it onto my children. Many sites offered some good content but also included annoying advertisements. The sites that looked great would cost much more than I was willing to pay and others were so packed full of math problems, I didn't know where to start. Thankfully I found your site! TeachMeWell.com is priced just right and provides core math content. I registered both my children. Because everything progresses by lessons, my children know to move on to the next lesson once they are comfortable doing the work. Since I can see how they are progressing, I can just tell them to review that lesson further until their marks are where I want them to be. You track everything for me so I know exactly how my children are doing. I am thankful for the wonderful work you have done. Please continue to add more subject matter and lessons. It's working great!
     Liz S. - Florida, USA

More than anything, I wanted to see my child's progress through the months. Teachmewell has given my wife and I the ability to check my child's on-going progress on a regular basis. I've found how less hectic our schedule is when my child is learning in the comfort of our own home.
     Henry P. - Melbourne, Australia

I'm a math tutor and leverage your site for all my students. It's cheap and effective. My students keep practicing, and if they have questions, I answer them. After all, that's what I'm paid for! Since your system provides all test results, there is less work for me. I like the site and wish I would have discovered it sooner.
     Isaac K. - New York, USA

You guys need to advertise. A powerful online math program.
     James N. - Ontario, Canada