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Importance of Neuroplasticity

Math Ages 5 - 10

November 28, 2008

Why is 'Neuroplasticity' Important for Parents to Understand?

Neuroplasticity refers to the continuous ability of the brain to reorganize neural pathways based on new experiences. In numerous studies with children where a learning disability has been identified, it was proven that corrective actions can be taken which specifically target synaptic development. In other words, the brain can be trained to develop new pathways, thereby strengthening knowledge in a specific area of development. By repeatedly performing the same action, the brain naturally develops a more powerful aptitude in support of that action.

TeachMeWell.com provides math practice and testing that supports the ability of the brain to strengthen this function. In order for your child to succeed in math, he or she should practice daily. This daily exercise of the brain, which controls analytical development, will produce outstanding results. Wherever your child's focus is greater, that will be the area of the brain that develops faster and stronger. As a parent, you can help alter that development by introducing and promoting new areas of development.

As parents, we constantly want to provide all avenues of success to our children. If they only play ball all day, every day, then that will be their predominant brain development. In this situation, we have limited their future prospects. By adding math, reading comprehension, music, swimming, ballet, art, basketball, etc., we are providing choices. Your child can be great in all of these and then choose their direction in life knowing they were provided a strong foundation.

By starting your child with a TeachMeWell.com subscription in grade 1 and progressing through to grade 5, you are strengthening and developing the math synapses of your child's brain, and therefore expand your child's choices in life.

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